Showroom Tips

Making selections for a new project can be overwhelming.

It is estimated

homeowners make over 1000 selections

When building a home

Below you will find helpful information to prepare you for a successful selection process when you visit our showrooms.

Embarking on a remodel? Getting ready to build a new home for the first time? Did you wake up to a broken kitchen faucet and need a quick fix? Snow and Jones will help you with all these projects. Our staff makes each selection smooth and simple.

Visiting a showroom for the first time can be overwhelming. There are many options and technical components and often clients do not know what to expect. These two videos summarize typical showrooms visits. The “Exploratory Visit” will walk you through visiting our showroom initially, what you can expect, and how we will guide you to make selections. The “Prepared Meeting” will go through the selection process and technical information required to get your project to completion.

Make an appointment today for your Exploratory Visit or Prepared Meeting and let us guide you through your project seamlessly.

Exploratory Visit Video

Exploratory Meeting

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Exploratory Visit Video

Prepared Meeting

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1. Appointments

Appointments are required to work with a sales associate.  You are welcome to browse without an appointment.

2. Plans and Dimensions

Please bring any plans or measurements you have of your space to help make narrowing selections a simpler process.

3. When do you need your items?

Snow and Jones has a large amount of inventory, but some specialty items make take 2-16+ weeks. We can narrow your selections based on your project timeline.

4. Inspiration – Pinterest, Houzz, magazine pictures, tile and granite samples

Bring them in! We can help you create your design around inspirations that you may have.

5. Budget

There are functional and well-designed products at all price levels.

If you have any further questions, please email us or call us in Norwell at 781-878-3312 x2 or in Yarmouth at 508-394-0911 x2.

We are looking forward to working with you!