Luxury Bathroom Trends: 4 Types of Plants to Grow In Your Bathroom

Elegant dark shining bathroom with orchid plant near the sink

4 Types of Plants to Grow In Your Bathroom

A delightful luxury bathroom trend is growing live plants in your bathroom. You might have thought that a bathroom would be the last place to grow plants, but certain plants flourish in the humid and moist bathroom climate. Having plants in your bathroom will help you relax and has many health benefits. Luxury bathrooms are generally better suited for growing a plant because they tend to have more windows, sunlight, and space. Here are four plants that are popular in luxury bathrooms.

Lucky Bamboo

While not technically real bamboo, this bamboo-like plant is a perfect fit for bathrooms. It needs very little light to grow. It doesn’t require any soil either; all you need is a container of water and perhaps some pebbles. Just be aware that it grows pretty quickly.


Orchids are small plants, which makes them a good choice even for smaller bathrooms. Their natural climate is humid and moist. Keep them on the windowsill so that they get enough bright filtered sunlight.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many health and healing benefits. It’s also very difficult to kill and doesn’t need that much water. Its leaves and gel can be used to heal cuts and burns.

Snake Plant

Snake plant, or Sansevieria, is another plant that tolerates almost any type of living condition. It doesn’t require that much light or water, and the moisture in your bathroom may even be enough so that you’ll never have to water it. It also helps filter formaldehyde from the air.

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