Bjarke Ingels Design for Kallista

We’ve come to expect a certain level of design and function from Kallista fixtures. We know Kallista as the Kohler-owned pioneering company with extraordinary quality and engineering paired with intense attention to detail in design. A truly high-end product, Kallista faucets were even used in the 2016 Kips Bay show house in NYC, where the 21 best decorators in the world are chosen to glam up the show house in ways suitable for the one percenters.

New Design

Now, Kallista has called on Bjarke Ingels to design a line of fixtures, and he has delivered. The new design, called ‘Taper’, does just what its name implies. Blending the geometric designs of cones and lines to form a seamless taper, these fixtures blend flawlessly with a modern design.

A Right Turn

While ‘Taper’ offers a seamless look, it also incorporates right angles that move the eye. Starting with a wide cone, the base of each fixture tapers up, takes a right turn, and finishes with straight, smaller lines, often matching that of the water stream to create a sense of flow.

What You Don’t See

Another eye-catching feature of ‘Taper’ is what isn’t there. You will see no extra parts or pieces. Part of the goal for ‘Taper’ between Kallista and Bjarke Ingels was to make the design as seamless as possible.

You can browse through the fixtures available in ‘Taper’ and more, and when you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or bath in a truly upscale modern design, know you can trust Kallista for quality and beauty.

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